Maintenance start date and time: September 12th 2017 16:00
Expected maintenance end date and time: September 12th 2017 17:00
Actual maintenance end date and time: September 12th 2017 17:00

New features

Unique Ship Camouflage

Unique camouflages have been introduced to the game. These can have increased ships stats and XP gain bonuses

  • Unique camouflage is permanent; once purchased, it can be used at any time
  • Unique camouflage can be only equipped on its corresponding ship
  • All premium ships have unique camouflage
  • All T6 or higher ships have unique camouflage

Economy tweaks

Rewards from battle

  • Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 ships were receiving less XP and Silver from battle than we expected
  • Because the of the difference in XP and Silver gain between a winning and losing team was so large, players with outstanding performance on a losing team would not receive a very satisfying reward
  • In the previous version, XP and Silver gain depended too heavily on kills, while other team-based performance offered less

We are going to do following changes to solve these issues:

Base XP and Silver

Tiers Changes
1 to 3 +25%
4 to 8 +10%

Performance factor changes

Tiers Changes
1 to 2 +20% XP and Silver reward for damage dealt
5 to 7 +10% Silver reward for damage dealt 
4 to 10 -10% XP reward for each ship kill

+20% XP and Silver reward for each aircraft kill

+20% XP and Silver reward for each point capture

Removal of sunk penalty

  • In all Battle Tiers, being sunk in battle will no longer incur a silver penalty

Winning Bonus reduced

In all Battle Tiers, the Victory bonus on XP and Silver has been reduced from 50% to 25% Ship research XP and price change

  • Except Battleships, all other Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 ship research XP and Silver price have been reduced by 8%-15%

Ship Maintenance Cost

In this version, we have balanced the service cost for all ships based on their tier. + Ships of the same tier always has same Maintenance cost for each battle.


New Maintenance Cost (credits)

Old Maintenance cost (credits)


1 0 0 0
2 100 200 -100
3 200 300 -100
4 500 500 0
5 1000 750 +250
6 1500 1000 +500
7 2000 1500 +500
8 3500 2300 +1200
9 5500 3500 +2000
10 8000 4800 +3200

Ship performance changes

Shell dispersion update

We have added new dispersion values for all gun types to control how the shells disperse within the max dispersion area; now most of the shells’ impact within the dispersion area are not uniformly distributed over the surface, but will attempt to hit towards the center of aim.

Battleship Tuning

We are aware of the positive performance of battleships in all tiers of battle. We love their outstanding survivability and devastating firepower, but reloading time is a little bit faster than we expected, even in a comparatively fast paced mobile game.

We have decided to do following changes on battleships:

Increase main armament reloading time

Ships Changes

South Carolina


New York


New Mexico

  • Main armament reloading time increased by 3 seconds
All battleships
  • Main armament reloading time increased by 1.5 to 2 seconds

Increase shell penetration

All battleships

  • Main armament AP shell min/max penetration increased by 10%/5%
  • Main armament HE shell penetration increased by 5%
  • Increase vertical dispersion
    • Main armament vertical dispersion increased by 15%

Modify Armor Module

New York and Texas

  • Main Armor Belt thickness increased to 280mm.

New Mexico and Colorado

  • Main Armor Belt thickness increased to 343mm.

North Carolina

  • Main Armor Belt thickness reduced to 305mm
  • Slightly reduced citadel size

Other ship tuning

  • All main armaments shell speed reduced by 10%
  • All secondary armaments shell speed reduced by 25%
  • Fixed a bug where one of the Molotov’s torpedo launchers could get stuck at a certain angle

Gameplay fixes

Fixed a bug where one of the Molotov’s torpedo launchers could get stuck at a certain angle

Fixed terrain collision issues on following maps

  • Islands
  • Fault Line
  • Southern Archipelago
  • The Atlantic
  • Haven

Visual Improvement to Port

USN and IJN Cruisers now have more details and decorations on the port screen.

Update 0.7.3

Release Date: September 18th 2017

  • Emergency update
  • Hot fixes for some issues

Developer Post

It appears that 0.7.0 is approaching. Stay tuned for more news and patch notes!

0.7.0 incoming! Detailed patch notes on our Reddit channel. Patch notes 0.7.0…/…/patch_notes_070/ You can expect the following changes in the latest update:

  • Unique Camouflages: These camouflages are permanent and unique to ships Tier 6 and above. They provide additional XP and boost ship’s stats.
  • We have now increased the rewards given per battle for Tiers 1, 2 and 3.
  • We have also balanced the gap of XP and Silver given out for losing and winning teams.
  • The above means, we have reduced the XP and Silver awarded for Winning team and increased the XP and Silver reward for losing team.
  • We now give more XP and Silver for capture points, aircraft kills, damage dealt.
  • We have now removed the Silver penalty for getting sunk in the battle.
  • We have tweaked the service cost at all tiers. Players at low tier now incur less for service costs but high tiers have higher service cost.
  • We have also tweaked our dispersion mechanics so that the shells are now distributed less evenly over the impact area but are more likely to hit the target.
  • We increased the Main battery reloading time of all Battleships.
  • The shell penetration and vertical dispersion of Battleships have been improved.
  • All main guns’ shell speed is reduced by 10%
  • All secondary guns’ shell speed is reduced by 25%
  • Improved terrain collision for 5 maps