General information

The USS South Carolina is the first battleship of the USN line and introduces the American battleship playstyle, which stays similar all the way through the Colorado. She is the only battleship at that tier that is capable of firing all primary turrets to either side making her in most cases a more formidable opponent than her Tier III counterpart, the IJN battleship Kawachi.

In Game Description

As the first battleship the South Carolina takes some getting used to. She is slow and not very maneuverable which takes some practice to learn positioning early on in the battle and how to avoid letting ships with torpedoes get in too close. The primary guns can deliver tremendous firepower, able to heavily damage enemy cruisers and destroyers in a single salvo, though require a longer than average reload time and also have a very slow turn rate making it recommended in most instances to turn the ship to get the guns on target quicker. Equipped with good armor, a trait common to most US battleships, she can close in and slug it out at point blank range where she can make use of the large amount of secondary guns and land full broadsides from her primary guns.

Detailed information

Ship info Stock Elite
Displacement 17746t
Length 138m
Width 24.46m
Power 16500hp No change
Ship hit point 25800 No change
Citadel Protection 10.00% No change
Fire and Flooding resistant 10.00% No change
Damage Reduction 11.20% No change
Torpedo Damage Reduction 10.50% No change
Max speed 17.51kts No change
Time to full speed 21.06sec No change
Max Traverse Speed 5.40deg/s No change
Turn Time 10.80sec No change
Main gun 305mm L/45 Mk5 4x2 No change
Reload time 21.00sec No change
Range 10.00km 10.66km
Main battery HE Damage Unknown 763
Chance of setting fire 0% 9.00%
Main battery AP Damage Unknown 1145
Citadel Damage Rate 250.00% No change
Turret Traverse Speed 5.00deg/s No change
Secondary gun
Secondary gun 76mm L/50 Mk4 18x1 No change
Reload time 6.00sec No change
Range 4.84km No change
Secondary battery HE Damage 174 No change
Secondary battery AP Damage Unknown No change
Citadel Damage Rate 0% No change
Chance of setting fire 2.00% No change
Turret Traverse Speed 12.00deg/s No change
Anti-Aircraft Armament
Large Caliber AA Damage 36 No change
Large Caliber AA Range 3.00km No change
Small Caliber AA Damage Unknown No change
Small Caliber AA Range Unknown No change
Surface detection 9.96km No change

Equipped skill

R&D cost






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South Carolina was the first of the American Dreadnought type battleships, a term coined with the introduction of the HMS Dreadnought which was the first all big gunned battleship to be completed. South Carolina was innovative in its super firing turret arrangement where the rear turret was mounted above the front turret so both turrets could fire forward allowing the ship to be shorter while still packing the same punch. Also South Carolina had all turrets center lined so the full broadside power could be brought to bear port or starboard while foreign designs of the time, including Dreadnought, had cheek mounted guns unable to fire to the other side of the ship. This modern design would later be incorporated by most foreign Navies and all subsequent US battleships.

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