General Information

The New Orleans Class Cruisers were the epitome of US Cruiser Standards, having now successfully used the 3x3 Guns that her predecessors, the Pensacola Class could not contain. New Orleans was much of the backbone of Heavy Cruisers in the Pacific. They were generally the most damaging among all the Cruiser Classes in the United States and the only Class which suffered from sinking. Nonetheless, they were in Service from the start to finish and even earned 17 Battlestars notably USS New Orleans and USS San Fransisco.

The New Orleans Class design was based on the preceding Northampton Class. with enhanced armor and increased durability. The Final US "Treaty Cruisers". New Orleans was equipped with 9 Triple 203mm Main Guns

In Game Information

The first US heavy cruiser of the new generation. The key difference from the preceding cruisers was her remarkably reinforced armor. Taking into account her limited displacement, the ship boasted a successful balance of armament, protection and speed.

Detailed information

Ship info Stock Elite
Displacement 9950t
Length 179.3m
Width 18.82m
Power 107000hp No change
Ship hit point 24900 No change
Citadel Protection 10.00% No change
Fire and Flooding resistant 12.50% No change
Damage Reduction 9.60% No change
Torpedo Damage Reduction 9.00% No change
Max speed 31.68kts No change
Time to full speed 14.74sec No change
Max Traverse Speed 7.10deg/s No change
Turn Time 5.70sec No change
Main gun 203 mm L/53 MK9 3x3 No change
Reload time 11.00sec No change
Range 9.48km No change
Main battery HE Damage 510 No change
Chance of setting fire 6.00% No change
Main battery AP Damage 710 No change
Citadel Damage Rate 200.00% No change
Turret Traverse Speed 9.00deg/s No change
Secondary gun
Secondary gun 127 mm L/25 MK19 8x1 No change
Reload time 6.00sec No change
Range 5.10km No change
Secondary battery HE Damage 300 No change
Secondary battery AP Damage Unknown No change
Citadel Damage Rate 0% No change
Chance of setting fire 3.00% No change
Turret Traverse Speed 16.00deg/s No change
Anti-Aircraft Armament
Large Caliber AA Damage 112 No change
Large Caliber AA Range 3.60km No change
Small Caliber AA Damage 115 No change
Small Caliber AA Range 1.50km No change
Surface detection 8.40km No change

Equipped skill

-Air Defense Alert I -Rapid Reload I

R&D cost






Not Applicable


Not Applicable


New Orleans service in the War was considered to be the a ships that would earn more Battlestars than the rest of her fleet. They were so heavily damaging that some even miraculously survived even from the most dangerous of hits. However, not all New Orleans Class Cruiser could survive, as out of the 7, 3 were sunk in the first battle of Savo Island and now lies in Iron Bottom Sound, it was called this because of the ships that lay wrecked there. Nonetheless they were still the most decorated of allwarships pre-war and served their country diligently.


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