General Information

USS Independence is the first USN CV to introduce fighters Squadron. This is an excellent upgrade from Bogue, since now enemy planes can be shot down. The Independence is an improvement from its predecessor in every way and every stats, AA, artillery, etc. Independence is a solid carrier for its tier.

In-Game Information

A successful light aircraft carrier based on the Cleveland-class cruiser. The ship was well-armored, had a high speed and carried numerous AA artillery. Small displacement limited the aircraft carrier’s hangar capacity.

Detailed information

Ship info Stock Elite
Displacement 11000t
Length 189.7m
Width 21.8m
Power 100000hp No change
Ship hit point 22300 No change
Citadel Protection 7.50% No change
Fire and Flooding resistant 10.00% No change
Damage Reduction 5.60% No change
Torpedo Damage Reduction 6.00% No change
Max speed 31.26kts No change
Time to full speed 17.37sec No change
Max Traverse Speed 5.10deg/s No change
Turn Time 11.70sec No change
Main gun 127 mm L/38 MK24 2x1 No change
Reload time 6.00sec No change
Range 6.60km No change
Main battery HE Damage 330 No change
Chance of setting fire 3.00% No change
Main battery AP Damage 350 No change
Citadel Damage Rate 150.00% No change
Turret Traverse Speed 12.00deg/s No change
Dive Bombers SBD No change
Dive Bombers capacity 12 No change
Squadron under command 1 No change
Dive bombers per squadron 4 No change
Dive bombers preparation time 3.30sec No change
Dive bombers HP 1490 No change
Bomb damage 1400 No change
Bomb chance of setting fire 45.00% No change
Torpedo Bombers
Torpedo Bombers TBD No change
Dive Bombers capacity 12 No change
Squadron under command 1 No change
Torpedo bombers per squadron 4 No change
Torpedo bombers preparation time 3.20sec No change
Torpedo bombers HP 1340 No change
Torpedo damage 1650 No change
Aircraft Torpedo attack range 3.60km No change
Aircraft Torpedo Speed 61.13kts No change
Aircraft Torpedo Chance of flooding 14.00% No change
Fighter Not Equipped No change
Fighter capacity Unknown No change
Squadron under command Unknown No change
Fighter per squadron Unknown No change
Fighter preparation time Unknown No change
Fighter HP Unknown No change
Fighter damage Unknown No change
Fighter Attack Efficiency 0% No change
Fighter Dogfight Efficiency 0% No change
Anti-Aircraft Armament
Large Caliber AA Damage 28 No change
Large Caliber AA Range 3.60km No change
Small Caliber AA Damage 156 No change
Small Caliber AA Range 1.50km No change
Surface detection 8.28km No change

Equipped skill

R&D Cost






Not Applicable


Not Applicable


With war looming and a new Carrier needed to supplement slow Escort Classes and no Carriers to be constructed till 1944, Independence was born out of this concern. She and 9 other classes were conceives as such from Cleveland Class Hull Design and were now faster and easier to be made than new Carriers. The other concern why this class was created was a concern due to the Essex Class having a even accelerated pace and could not be finished in time either. As such from the 9 that was conceived 1 was lost USS Princeton scuttled during the Battle of Leyte Gulf the largest Naval Battle in History in the Philippines.


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