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School Of Ships Ep

School Of Ships Ep. 3 Maps and Roles

General information

  • it is noted that ships of the same or similar tier is recommended for battles as teams are matched based on their highest ship tier

In WoWSB, there's altogether of 4 Battle modes

Random Battles

Its a 7v7 Battle with games classified into 3 sub-categories

Standard Battle

  • Each team has its own base

Options to win:

  • Destroy all enemy ships or capture all bases.
  • If time runs out, the team with the highest point wins

Nautical Superiority

  • Only 1 Neutral Capture area

Options to win:

  • Destroy all enemy ships
  • Score 1000 points before the enemy team by capturing the center area and destroying their ships
  • Earn more point by the end of the Battle


  • Score 1000 points before the enemy team or earn more points by the end of the round. In this mode, teams score points by capturing areas and sinking enemy ships.
  • theres 2 types capture point position. 3-point capture system and 4-point capture system

Co-op Battles

Its a player vs AI game. But as of Update 0.7.4, Only Standard Battles are available for now

Standard Battle

  • To destroy all enemy ships or capture all bases


Implemented on Update_0.8.0. Click on Campaign to find out more

Ranked battles

Ranked Battles

Ranked Battles

Implemented in Update 1.1.0, Rank battles allows a Full Fledge PVP format to compete against each other.

Features included are:

  • 7v7 style matchmaking
  • Domination format
  • No Bots included
  • 3 hour opening window, split into 2 slots, spanning across a month
  • Each team is only allowed only 1 aircraft carrier(CV)


  • Level 15 account
  • Specific Tier requirement per season

Time limit: 8 mins of non stop action

Points & Medals

Medals Name Star required to proceed to the next tier
Bronze 5
Master Not applicable
  • The amount of points you win or lose depends on your performance in battle. If you lose but come first in your team, you will lose less points than if you placed last in your team. Similarly if you win, with top players getting more points for winning. This means that performing well in battle, even if your team is losing, does matter!
  • losing the first battle after being awarded the next division, allows the player to retain his promoted division


At the end of each season, following rewards are given to the players, depending on their division.