Global release

When will the game be released globally?

  • January 18th 2018.

How to pre-register and what are the rewards?

General information

Why is WoTB and WoWSB have "Blitz" in it?

  • Blitz is already a trademark and a mobile version of WG PC games.It is called that way as it provides a faster gameplay and translates into Lightning or flash in German

Can WoWSB be downloaded from steam?

  • No, World of Warships Blitz is only on mobile platform and can only be downloaded via the App store for iOS users and Google Play for Android users.

WG Support

What is the email for customer support


How to become a SuperTester or a Community Contributor?

  • There are no concrete qualifications into becoming a SuperTester and/or a Community Contributor. However,directing the questions to the email would provide some insights about becoming one. Despite not having a specific requirement, it is known that in order to become a CC, one must have a successful YouTube channel which displays WarGaming content.