School Of Ships Ep

School Of Ships Ep. 4 Commanders-0

Introduced in Update 1.5.0, Commanders Skills are available to players to customize their ships to their playstyle more effectively to the game

Commander List

  • NOTE1: Green may be Standard Commander; Bronze may be Unique/Special.
  • NOTE2: This list may be partial, please modify if you have others.
Nationality Name Border


FN Foubert, Gilbert Bronze
FN Villecourt, Antoine Bronze
IJN Aoki, Yasuhiro Green
IJN Fowa, Kiyoshi Green
IJN Ho, Sugita Green
IJN Inokashira, Taro Bronze
IJN Matsumoto, Ichiro Bronze
IJN Nishi, Keisuke Bronze
IJN Sato, Shigegu Green
IJN Suzuki, Masao Bronze
IJN Takahashi, Ryo Green
KM Biermann, Otto Green
KM Kohler, Friedrich Green
KM Laue, Helmuth Bronze
KM Lillenwald, Ewald Green
KM Maruer, Johannes Green
KM Werner, Franz Green
PAN ASIA Gchang-ging, Qian Bronze
PAN ASIA Jian-guo, Zhao Bronze
RN Allen, Adrian Green
RN Clayton, Christoph Green
RN Doherty, Nigel Bronze
RN Tucker, Richard Bronze
USN Connoly, Frank Green
USN Harper, Harold Bronze
USN James, Joseph Bronze
USN Lane, Kelley Green
USN Newton, Charles Green
USN Reed, Claude Green
USN Shaw, Daniel Green
USSR Grigoryev, Aleksey Green
USSR Kolesnikov, Ivan Bronze
USSR Petrov, Aleksandr Green
USSR Radionov, Stanislav Green
USSR Rublyov, Vladimir Bronze
USSR Tritskiy, Vitally Green



Tiers Options
I Underwater Protection Expert
  • -3% Damage caused by an enemy torpedo

Aerobatic Maneuver

  • +10% Return speed of all aircraft squadrons

Emergency Response

  • -35% Steering Gear repair time
  • -35% Power system Repair time
II Torpedo Alert
  • +15% Detection range of enemy torpedos
Battlefield Support
  • +1 Sonar
  • +1 Air Defence Alert
Armament Repair Expert
  • -25% Main Battery Repair Time
  • -25% Secondary Battery Repair time
  • -25% Torpedo Tube Repair TIme
III High Alert
  • -10% Damage Control Kit cooldown time
  • For the first 30 Seconds
  • +3% maximum speed
  • +33% Acceleration
Artillery Maintenance Expert
  • When Ship has more then 75% of its Maximum HP
  • +15% Main Battery Traverse Speed
  • +3% Maximum Main Battery Shell Dispersion
IV Victorious Charge
  • Recover 1.5% Maximum Hp when destroying any enemy ships
Air Defence Expert
  • +25% Air Defence Alert skill duration
  • +25% Air Defence Alert skill cool down time
  • After obtaining Kraken Unleash Medal
  • Recover 33% maximum HP
  • -15% Main Battery Reload time
  • -15% Torpedo Tube Reload time
V Survivalist
  • +15% HP recovered when using repair kits
Fire Supremacy
  • +1 Precise Aiming System
  • +1 Rapid Reload
  • When ships has less then 25% of its max HP
  • -25% Rudder Shift time
  • +10% Max Traverse Speed