General information

USS Colorado became the final phase in development of conventional battleships that featured very heavy armor protection for the vitally important parts of a ship. Key differences from her predecessors were her 4 x 2 16 inch/45 main guns and a novel torpedo protection system. In speed, she was outclassed by other battleships of her time. All 3 ships of Colorado class participate in Leyte gulf tho West Virginia sunk but she got recommissioned with new radars

In Game Description

Colorado was one of the first battleships to carry 406mm main guns. She had comparatively slow speed, but excellent firepower and armor, making her one of the best battleships in the world at that time.

Detailed information

Ship info Stock Elite
Displacement 32500t
Length 190.2m
Width 29.6m
Power 28900hp No change
Ship hit point 38500 No change
Citadel Protection 12.50% No change
Fire and Flooding resistant 15.00% No change
Damage Reduction 14.40% No change
Torpedo Damage Reduction 15.00% No change
Max speed 20.42kts No change
Time to full speed 25.99sec No change
Max Traverse Speed 4.80deg/s No change
Turn Time 15.60sec No change
Main gun 406mmL/45 MK5 4x2 No change
Reload time 21.00sec No change
Range 12.60km No change
Main battery HE Damage 950 No change
Chance of setting fire 13.00% No change
Main battery AP Damage 1550 No change
Citadel Damage Rate 250.00% No change
Turret Traverse Speed 5.00deg/s No change
Secondary gun
Secondary gun 127mm L/51 MK7 18x1 No change
Reload time 6.00sec No change
Range 5.10km No change
Secondary battery HE Damage 250 No change
Secondary battery AP Damage Unknown No change
Citadel Damage Rate 0% No change
Chance of setting fire 2.00% No change
Turret Traverse Speed 12.00deg/s No change
Anti-Aircraft Armament
Large Caliber AA Damage 112 No change
Large Caliber AA Range 3.60km No change
Small Caliber AA Damage 194 No change
Small Caliber AA Range 1.50km No change
Surface detection 11.70km No change

Equipped skill

Rapid Reload 1

R&D cost




Not Applicable


Not Applicable


Not Applicable


Colorado was amongst the World of Naval Arsenal and part of the Big 7. These ships were mostly battleship that were allowed to incorporate 16 inch or 16.1 inch bores. Ships part of the Big Seven were USS Colorado, Maryland, West Virginia, IJN Nagato, Mutsu, RN Nelson and Rodney. Colorado also saw the opening stages of the US Involvment in World War 2 as they were docked in Pearl Harbor during the Attack at Pearl. They were heavily damaged, yet saw an extensive upgrade and repair which saw them in action in almost all of the Naval Engagments in the Pacific.

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