Aircraft carriers (CV ) play a key role in World of Warships Blitz, they are different compared to the other ship classes that are in the game. They are available starting from tier 4 and currently only two nations has aircraft carriers, The United States Navy (USN) and the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), they are both different and have special abilities that help support your team and change the atmosphere of the Battlefield. These ships have 3 different types of planes with a unique role, these are:

Torpedo bombers (TB)

They unleash their torpedo flying over targets and make a quick escape, though these torpedoes are slower and weaker than those found on DDs but they unleash a heavy blow if you get a good hit and can cause flooding to a warship which causes damage over time.

NOTE: Flooding damage does not stack and a ship can only be flooded once at a time.

Dive bombers (DB)

These planes carry bombs and drop right onto the target, these are much more RNG based compared to TBs and could directly aim at a ship. Bombs have a chance to cause fires which also cause damage over time.

NOTE: A ship can have 3 fires burning max and a ship can flood and be on fire at the same time.

Fighters (F)

These are different to DB/TB but are just as important for aircraft carriers, they can used to scout the area or attack other planes. These are key to defending yourself and allies from enemy attack aircraft (DB/TB). To make fighters more effective attack enemy planes nearby to friendly ships (especially cruisers/battleships) so that the enemy has to defend from multiple AA guns.

Aircraft carriers have a top down view and can view the entire map, this allows them to send their squadrons to different targets at the same time anywhere. Overall aircraft carriers are really important for all aspects of the game expect for capping objectives. Fighters scout and protect and TB/DB attack enemies to bring victory ever closer.